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It is pure psychology! People are curious and people follow instruction and that is why you are on this page!

For heaven’s sake, get off your butt and go out and do something! The best part about starting your own home-based business is you can choose not to get off your butt but to use your finger to do the walking and just click it!

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I love to use acronyms and H.E.R.E. is a great acronym for Heart, Education, Responsibility and Elevate!

Heart – If you have all the time and money in the world what would you be doing? Are you doing what you love and living your dream? If not, why not? The heart of the matter, is do you want to continue to work hard when you can work smart? Why depend on yourself and 24 hours a day when there is an opportunity for you to leverage on thousands of people and thousands of hours in a day?

Education – Education is the highest form of leverage, you learn it once and you can apply it as many times as possible to your business and your life. You are getting an education at this blog on how to earn a lifetime passive income that will enable you to enjoy a better and happy life! “An investment in education always pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin.

Responsibility – You must take responsibility for the results in your business and your life. What you sow you shall reap – what goes around comes around in your business and your life. Every morning when you wake up, ask the person in the mirror this important question, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the cause of it all?”

Elevate – Are you doing something to elevate your life? What can you do to live a better and happy life. The purpose of this blog is to help you to do just that. Are you teachable? Are you willing to learn? Here is my million-dollar success formula that has helped me make a million dollars in my simple home-based business: “If not now, when? If not you, who? It is not how to? It is always why do?”

The greatest fear is fearing fear itself! Do not let fear stop you from living your dream. There is nothing to fear because you are guided by me and I’ve been earning passive income from simple home-based businesses for over 20 years and if I can do it and millions worldwide have done it, you can do it too!

To succeed in life you must be courageous and dare to live your dream!

Some of you may find that this blog is like a money-making supermarket! It offers quite a number of simple home-based businesses. Different strokes for different folks. You got to decide what you think is good for you and do something that you can believe in and be passionate about! When you visit a supermarket, you only buy the things you need and want, isn’t it?

Socrates said, “Know Thyself.” He also said, “There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance”.

The opportunities offered here are carefully chosen by Bruce Seah, Asia No.1 Home-Based Business Coach, with over 20 successful years of home-based business experience. He has made his first million from these simple home-based businesses and he knows how to recommend good home-based businesses.

You want ethical companies with a successful track record and are doing the right things and targeting a hungry market! The market is always right. You must identify your niche and chose a market that you are comfortable and a company that offers great value and something you can believe in and be passionate about!

“Sincerity is the highest mark of a man.” – Confucius

I have invested over $100,000 to learn from many successful entrepreneurs, business consultants and marketing experts such as Robert Kiyosaki, Jay Abraham and Mark Victor Hansen, just to name a few! I will be acting as your mentor and coach in this blog and when you visit this blog daily, you will learn what it takes to achieve success in your home-based business.

While most conventional business start-up capital ranges from $100,000 to $1,000,000 or more, you can start your simple home-based business for S$1,530 only. I spent more than $2,000 a year on my personal shopping at a supermarket!

I lost $38,000 in a country club membership and over $250,000 in property investment, now you know why I am so passionate about recommending a simple home-based business that is totally risk free and will never burn a big hole in your pocket! I call it a why-not-do business? It is about turning your monthly expenses into monthly passive income! It is simply switching stores and consuming great products that will help you live a better and happy life!

There are people who do not like to consume products, they prefer dealing with digital products or information products. There are people who are very health conscious and love to consume health supplements to look young and stay healthy! Different strokes for different folks.

There are people who are very excited over revolutionary skincare products that can help them look 5 to 10 years younger in weeks! There are people who love chocolate and would love to promote healthy organic chocolate! And there are people who are looking for a simple and affordable way to invest in gold and earn a lifetime passive income too! The list goes on.

As a marketer, you must understand the different niches and as a newbie I highly recommend you just stick to one niche and concentrate on one till you get good results before considering adding another business, after all, you only got 24 hours in a day, and you want to live a happy, balanced and successful life!

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