“The Joy of Gardening!”

The joy of gardening when it comes to enjoying the fruits of your labor! My garden is thriving with lots of fruits! It’s great to see many passion fruits hanging from the structure that I’ve built and to see them turned from beautiful purple flowers to fruits! Guess how many papayas a papaya tree can bear?

I just harvested 11 papayas! There is a total of 20 papayas on that tree! I gave a few to my neighbours and a few I will give to my fellow gardeners!

There are over 60 posts at my blog, I love to write and share what I know and will be conducting a special workshop, “Discover Your True Purpose In Life In 60 Minutes – A Life-Changing, Fun and Interactive Workshop! Give me a call at 8168 2088 if you are interested to attend and it is free!

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