“The Secret Formula To Create Wealth!”

It is no secret because I am sharing with the world now through the Internet at this blog! It is a secret formula because so few people are using it! Less than 5% are wise enough to use it! Why is it so? I don’t know, all I know is that if you know the secret formula to create wealth and you don’t apply it, then who is the fool?

I was inspired to share this secret formula with the world this morning at 7.45 am, Saturday on 23 November 2013. I love to record the time and date of my inspiration and I believe all inspirations come from God!

Here’s the secret formula to create wealth!

Love + Time + Market + Irresistible Offer = Wealth!

Love - Yes love is the most powerful force on earth. Many people agree that God is Love and Love is God! It is the creative force and it has given you the gift of life! You must find something you love to do and ways to monetize it and create wealth to help you live a better and happy life while helping others to live a better and happy life too! Isn’t that a wonderful thing to do? To create wealth by helping people to live a better and life is the surest way to be successful! Always love people and have their best interest at heart.

Time – Time and tide wait for no man. It not now, when? You must grab the opportunity when you see it and do it now! Ask this million-dollar question, for the last 5 years, were you able to earn a lifetime passive income with a simple, proven and tested system? If there is one now for you to do it, why not do it?

You do not have forever and health is your greatest wealth, you need time and good health to create wealth. Have you neglected your health? If you have neglected your health, it many be later than you think! All it takes to shorten your life or to end it is a heart attack, stroke or the feared and dreadful disease – cancer!

It is a fact that heart disease is the No.1 Killer worldwide, followed closely by Cancer. What are you doing to reduce the risk and prevent yourself from suffering these dreadful diseases? Time is life, take good care of your health and help people to take good care of their health.

Market – You must know your market. Now with the Internet, you are not limited by territory or geography, the world is your market! But you must identify your niche, which particular market you are targeting? Whatever market you are targeting, it must be a hungry market – people are hungry for the things you have to offer!

Irresistible Offer! – Whether it is an opportunity, product or service, your offer must be irresistible which means it offers so much that the prospect will feel silly, foolish and stupid not to take the offer! You must pile up your offer with lots of value, benefits and bonuses!

Now you know the secret formula to create wealth, the next step is to apply it! I have saved you lots of time, money and effort by sharing with you a great opportunity that fits into this secret formula like a glove!

If you love chocolate and the timing is perfect because right now you can open 8 new markets! We are launching this healthy chocolate to Asia starting with Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Philippines and Japan!

You need time and good health to create wealth isn’t it? By consuming healthy organic chocolate you will improve your health and increase your precious life span on earth.

You have a hungry market - over a billion people eat chocolate every day and the industry is growing by leaps and bounds with worldwide sales of over 100 billion a year!

Your niche is health conscious people who love chocolate and want the good without the bad.

You have an irresistible offer in the opportunity which is to apply the most powerful network marketing strategy use by all top network marketers – to be the first to open new markets and earn millions of dollars in lifetime passive income! It is free to join and easy to do with a very low start up cost and very low monthly maintenance which will ensure sustainability in the business. It is simple, it is healthy chocolate! Take action now! Go to: www.ChocolateOnlineStore.com

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